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I work mainly as a physicist, studying the acoustics of musical instruments and the voice. The magazine Australasian Science did a profile on me recently.

I am also a composer. This page exists to list some of my orchestral and chamber music, which may be downloaded as mp3 sound files or sheet music.

Being an orchestral and chamber music player myself, I try to write music with the performers as well as the audience in mind: after all, the players will hear it more often and in more detail than will the audience. So my music is intended to be interesting and fun to play. It is obviously influenced by my background as a jazz player.

New. My trumpet concerto was premiered by Anthony Heinrichs with the Woollahra Philharmonic Orchestra. The scientific chamber opera (Speech and music, effability and ineffability), which I was sure would only ever have one performance at its premiere at the International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, was performed again this year, in revised version, at the International Conference on Cognitive Science.

Some orchestral and chamber music

Parts and scores. This music is self published and is available from me or downloaded from this site. For amateur orchestras, the score and parts may be available for the cost of post and handling, though I usually ask users of my music to make a donation to a charity. Write to:
Joe Wolfe /, phone 61-2-9385 4954 (UT + 10, +11 Oct-Mar).

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