Sydney Sketches

"Sydney Sketches" is four movements of lighthearted programme music. It was written for the University of New South Wales Orchestra (who play in the clips below) by Joe Wolfe. Colin Piper conducts. Recording engineer: Emery Schubert.

The subjects of the sketches are different scenes and different moods spanning one day in Sydney. They are linked by variations on two motifs: one is a pulsebeat of repeated quavers in the bass, the other a short phrase in a minor key. These motifs are like two characters who travel around Sydney, with their paths occasionally crossing.

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Next performance: 6 December, 1997, 8 pm. North Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Edie Rens conductor.

About the composer. Joe Wolfe started writing music in the seventies and has since written sporadically for jazz and fusion groups, including incidental music for plays and films. He has written four other orchestral works: a Trumpet concerto is the most recent. "The Stairway Suite" is a set of orchestral variations on the pop song "Stairway to Heaven" in the styles of Schubert, Holst, Glen Miller, Mahler, Bizet and Beethoven; "Conjunction" which is an 'interactive introduction to the orchestra', written for orchestra and primary school choir, and an overture to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the UNSW Orchestra. His most recent work is Circle of Fourths, a 5 minute work for orchestra. He has a quartet for flute, saxophone, bassoon and cello for which the sheet music is available as shareware. (mp3 files are available of most of these.)

Joe Wolfe / /61-2-9385 4954 (UT+10,+11 Oct-Mar)