This overture was written for the University of New South Wales Orchestra by Joe Wolfe to celebrate the orchestra's 10th birthday in 1999. The clip below is from the original performance by UNSWO, with Colin Piper conducting. Recording engineer: Emery Schubert.

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About the composer. Joe Wolfe started writing music in the seventies and has since written sporadically for jazz and fusion groups, including incidental music for plays and films. He has written three other orchestral works: "The Stairway Suite" is a set of orchestral variations on the pop song "Stairway to Heaven" in the styles of Schubert, Holst, Glen Miller, Mahler, Bizet and Beethoven; "Sydney Sketches" is a set of tone poems, each depicting a different Sydney location at a different time of day.; and "Conjunction" which is an 'interactive introduction to the orchestra', written for orchestra and primary school choir.

Overture is published by Joe Wolfe / J.Wolfe@unsw.edu.au /61-2-9385 4954 (UT+10,+11 Oct-Mar)