John E McLennan

PhD UNSW, MSc UNSW, ASTC (Dip Met), AIM (Lond), C Eng

John did his PhD research on the acoustical properties of the violin. He was an accomplished engineer, a skilled violin craftsman and an independent researcher. He died in 2024. 

A modern (left) and a baroque style violin made by John McLennan.

  • The thesis is available on line: The violin: music acoustics from baroque to romantic (34 Mbyte).
  • The thesis has also an on-line appendix, containing chiefly the sound files of the violin being played in its various configurations.
  • Sound files and analysis of The Effect of the Soundpost on Violin Sound.
  • Some calculations of Monopole Radiation at Low Frequencies in the Violin.
  • The Soundpost: an Update.
  • A recipe for a violin.
  • The violin (as I understand it).

    Selected publications on violin acoustics

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