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    Music science has practical interest for musicians, who often ask: Is it possible for musicians who are not physicists to do graduate research study (PhD, MSc, other) that involves the practical techniques of the Music Acoustics Lab?

    The music acoustis lab is part of the School of Physics. Nevertheless, distinguished musicians, who were not physicists, have come to the lab to do research projects, but so far this has not involved enrolment for a degree. We have begun collaborations with Dr Emery Schubert of the School of Music and Music Education. Current projects involve music perception, but we are keen to expand the music-physics projects to include performance and technical details of string and wind instruments. Students who might be interested in collaborative projects in the areas of music, acoustics, physics and computing are invited to discuss their ideas with us.

    In the past, students in Physics have been able to take advantage of resources in the School of Music and Music Education. It would similarly be possible for a students to enrol for graduate study in the School of Music and Music Education and do experimental research using the resources of the Music Acoustics Group. This research might include the relationship between features of musical performance and physical phenomena observed in the instrument and player. Contact in the School of Music and Music Education or in the School of Physics.

    This link gives more information about our current research projects.



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