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Awards and Reviews for Einstein Light

Review in Science, 17th June, 2005.
Scientific American Science and Technology Awards 2005
Science & Technology Web Award 2005 from Scientific American, 3rd October, 2005.
Yahoo's Pick of the Day for 22nd October, 2005.
Yahoo's Picks of the Year for 2005.
Review in Sydney Morning Herald for 5th November, 2005.
American Scientist's Site of the Week for 28th November, 2005.
Review in The Sunday Times for 1st January 2006
Review in Education World for 3rd February 2006
USA TODAY Education "Best Bet" Web sites for 10th-16th February 2006
Site of the Year 2005 ScienzaPerTutti (Science for Everybody) 16th February 2007


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