Column Density Calculator

This program will calculate the total column density from the rotational transitions (up to J = 7-->8) for the most commonly observed interstellar molecules (see Section 3.1 of Curran et al., 2004, MNRAS 352,563 ).

Molecule                   J =
Optical depth Line width km/s
Redshift dependent no yes
Redshift, z =

Total column density is, N = 0.000e-1 cm-2 and Tex = 0.0 K
Used Einstein A-coefficient of A = 0.000e-1 s-1

NASA JPL Catalogue     NIST Recommended Rest Frequencies for Observed Interstellar Molecular Microwave Transitions (LOVAS)

If there are other molecules/transitions you'd like included, just send me the Einstein A-coefficients/dipole moments.

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