The Veloce project aims to equip the Anglo-Australian Telescope with a compact ultra-stabilised spectrograph, able to obtain Doppler velocities for Sun-like and M-dwarf stars at sub-m/s precision. It will provide essentially all the functionality delivered by the current UCLES spectrograph, with a larger collecting area from the sky, large simultaneous wavelength coverage and higher resolution and better throughput.

The conceptual envelope for Veloce is being explored as part of the AAO's Forward Look strategy to equip the AAT with instruments that can carry out cutting edge science, while also reducing operating costs for the AAT.

The concept's key features at present are

  1. IFU Fibre-feed as demonstrated by the CYCLOPS Facilities

  2. Compact Kiwi-spec inspired design, including pressure and temperature stabilisation.

  3. Three cameras optimised for simultaneous observation in the Blue (CaHK-Hbeta), Visual (Hbeta-Halpha) and Near-infrared (Halpha-Si cutoff)

  4. Simultaneous calibration utilising ThXe, UNe and (when available) laser-comb or photonic ring-resonator technologies.

  5. Utilise aspects of the Gemini GHOST design.

If you interested in joining the Veloce Science Team and adding to the science priorities and developing the Science Requirements of Veloce, then please contact Chris Tinney (c dot tinney at unsw dot edu dot au) - the more the merrier!





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A Precision Doppler Spectrograph for the AAT