Special Session 2

Astronomy in Antarctica


Future Visions for Antarctic Astronomy


18th July 2003

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Submitting Contributions


Download a zip file of these instructions including the latex template and copyright information.


General Information

The Proceedings of the Meeting will be published in the IAU journal "Highlights of Astronomy", Volume 13. The editor is Michael Burton.


Submission deadline

Submission deadline: September 1, 2003. Please help us adhere to this deadline.


Page Limits

Due to space restrictions the page limit (including any figures) is:

(a) 2 pages for oral presentations and
(b) 1 page for poster presentations.


Submission e-mail address

Submissions are to be sent to;





Manuscript Preparation

All manuscripts should be in the 'LaTeX' document system. Prepare your submission in LaTex using the ASP template "newpaspman.tex", which doubles as the Instructions Manual for authors. The only other file you need to process your manuscript is "newpasp.sty". These files are available here.


Figures must be prepared as indicated in the PASP Manual: we prefer Encapsulated PostScript files. Colour figures cannot be included. Tables must be prepared as described in the Manual and incorporated in the text. All queries relating to the LaTeX style file, author's/editor's instruction manual, etc., should be directed to sps2@phys.unsw.edu.au


Manuscript Submission

Before you submit, please print out your paper with figures and verify that all comes out as intended. We will return submissions with LaTex errors and figures that won't print, with a request to fix them.

You must submit your paper and figures via email to sps2@phys.unsw.edu.au with the paper and figures as attachments.


These attachments must be files with distinct names. If your name is "J Bloggs", then the paper file must be called "bloggs_j.tex". Any figure files must be called "bloggs_j_fig1.eps", "bloggs_j_fig2.eps", etc.

The email subject line must contain your first initial and your surname and the word "SPS2" as "J Bloggs SPS2".


For security reasons, so that revised or corrected submissions cannot overwrite the earlier file version, please use the convention "bloggs_j_v2.tex", and higher if you need to make corrections.

Authors are asked to submit all .tex and .eps files without any special formatting (i.e. no tar, uuencode, gzip, etc.).

For large PostScript files ONLY, a Unix compression (compress, gzip) utility may be used to reduce file sizes to accommodate mail limitations.

The text of the email should contain any information you considernecessary for a correct compilation of your paper.


Editorial Review

The editor will review all the manuscripts, and may ask you for clarifications and/or revisions.


Copyright Instructions

For the mutual benefit and protection of Authors and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) it is necessary that Authors provide formal written Consent to Publish & Transfer of Copyright before publication of their work.


Please complete and sign the copyright form and return it to Steven Longmore, either via fax (+61-2-9385-6060) or by post (Steven Longmore, School of Physics, UNSW, NSW 2052, Australia). If we do not get your copyright form I'm afraid we will not be able to publish your manuscript.


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