The following documents must be created and maintained by area supervisors

Accident/Incident Register: now kept online on myUNSW (Harm to Zero).


After Hours Work Register: a register of staff and students given approval to work after hours.


After Hours Work Approval Forms (OHS703): signed by Head of School. Copy held by Safety Officer.


Corrective Actions Register (OHS086): most corrective actions are now listed on harm to Zero. This form, however, is useful for keeping track of the status of corrective actions.


Chemical Register (OHS603):  a register of all chemical goods, including quantities, must be maintained for each laboratory.

Document Control Register (OHS085)


Hazard and Risk Register (OHS652): a list of all hazards and risks which includes relevant risk assessments and safe work procedures.  Copy must be sent to the Safety Officer whenever register is updated.



Material Safety Data Sheets: a database of current (less than five years old) Material Safety Data Sheets for all hazardous substances used must be available to all laboratory personnel. MSDS’s can be readily sourced from ChemAlert.


Plant and Equipment Register (OHS089):  for all plant and equipment a register must be maintained which details maintenance schedules, risk assessments and safe working procedures.


Plant and Equipment Training Register (OHS088): a list of all staff and students trained in the operation of specific pieces of plant and equipment.


Purchasing (OHS633): the purchasing checklist must be consulted and used before and after obtaining any goods and services where a possible hazard exists.


Risk Assessments (OHS017): Risk assessments must be developed for all activities undertaken within the area. They must follow the Risk Rating Procedure.  They must be available to all staff and students involved with the activities, and signed off by each of them. A copy of each is held by the Safety Officer.


Safe Work Procedures (OHS026): must be developed for all activities undertaken.  Copies to Safety Officer.


Safety Inductions: forms must be retained for all staff, students and visitors (OHS630). These forms can be general (OHS006) or laboratory (OHS049). Appropriate induction forms are to be created for activities or equipment specific to the research of lab group.  An induction register is developed from all induction forms, both UNSW and specific labs. Copies of all induction forms must be sent to the Safety Officer.


Training Needs Analysis (OHS094) and Training Plan (OHS092): must be developed for all staff and students.  A copy must be sent to the Safety Officer.


Training and Course Completion Records: copies of all training records are to be retained.  A copy of each must be sent to the Safety Officer. Note that training undertaken at UNSW is now recorded on My UNSW


Workplace Inspection Records (OHS048): quarterly workplace inspection records for both laboratories and other areas must be retained.  Copies must be sent to the Safety Officer.