Purchasing of all goods and services in the School of Physics must be done in accordance with the HS Purchasing Guideline. Before ordering any goods Pre-Purchase Checklist for Equipment should be used,  any hazardous material- Pre-Purchase Checklist for hazardous materials, and  Purchasing - Supplier HS Declaration issued.

Before taking delivery of plant and equipment a risk assessment should be completed to identify any relevant OHS issues, for example, additional safeguards, PPCE required, training necessary, and maintenance schedules.

Upon delivery a Safe Work Procedure must be produced, and staff and students operating the plant must be appropriately trained before it is commissioned for use.

Electrical items should be tested and tagged by School of Physics staff  before initial use.

When purchasing a hazardous substance you must ensure that:

 When purchasing services, you must make contractors aware of their HS responsibilities, and you must give them a safety induction HS805

    UNSW Contractor induction guide

  All contractors have to complete UNSW FM Safety Induction