Commitment to Workplace Health & Safety


The School of Physics is actively committed to the health, safety and welfare of its workers, students, contractors, visitors, and public. It will establish, implement and maintain an HS Management System which is an integral part of UNSW HS Management System and conforms with UNSW HS Policies, Guidelines and Procedures, Australian Standard AS/NZS4801: 2001 and other statutory health and safety requirements while acting positively to promote safe work practices.
"Our overall aim is "Harm to zero", with the expectation that all persons shall come to no harm while in the workplace."(UNSW HS Policy Statement)

The School of Physics recognises its responsibility for providing a safe and healthy work place and work environment for workers and others who may be affected by its work or undertakings.


To ensure this, the School has the following objectives:

  • To assess work activities by identification of hazards and evaluation of risks.
  • To reduce risks through maintenance of equipment and establishment of safe practices.
  • To report on any problem arising from maintenance of building and facilities.
  • To minimise unavoidable risks by the use of physical and administrative measures and provision of personal protective equipment.
  • To provide safe arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances.
  • To provide necessary information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure the health and safety of workers, visitors and students.
  • To consult with workers’ representatives on health and safety matters through the School of Physics H&S Committee.
  • To implement monitoring, inspection, testing and auditing procedures.
  • To establish and maintain the identification, collection, indexing, filing storage, maintenance and disposal of H&S records.
  • To make arrangements for co-ordination and co-operation with, plus the dissemination of relevant information to, its workers and workers’ of other organisations and contractors who may be required to work in the School controlled areas or activities.
  • To integrate health and safety responsibilities into everyday working practices and managerial responsibilities.

School of Physics HS Committee
26 August 2013

For all information contact School of Physics Safety Committee Chair Jon Everett