Meeting Date: 20 September 2013 at 2:00 pm in Room 5, OMB

      Jon Everett  (Chair)  
      Eleanor Eiffe     
      Lance Islip     
      Richard Newbury     
      Otte Homan
     Shane Hengst
    Vicki Lowe
    Tony Raeside
    Tamara Reztsova
    Ranji Balalla (Secretary)


No formal agenda to discuss.


To discuss HS069 HSMS Audit Plan for Physics before the HS audit on 26 September 2013.

Points Discussed:

Laboratory induction for contractors including entering labs and emergency procedures (CQC2T have included in SAT Response)
SAT Response for Physics will be made non-compliant and addressed next committee meeting.
(If you are hiring a contractor, responsibilities for the laboratory managers and introducing Contractor Inductions A & B) need to access
 forms and include in Contractor hiring and inductions)
Tamara will prepare an Audit Plan
School of Physics to introduce QuarterlyHS Committee meetings.

Currently Submitted Physics SAT (Self Audit Tool) will be changed and re-submitted.

Newbury: Induction records should be scanned and posted on School website.
Eiffe: Induction records should not be available on web. Area supervisors are responsible for keeping records.

Meeting Closed: 2:50 pm