UNSW School of Physics


Health & Safety Implementation Statement


The School of Physics is responsible for ensuring that all activities performed within the offices and laboratories of the School are compliant with UNSW Health and Safety (HS) Policy.


It is the responsibility of all Staff and Students to perform their Work and Study without injury to themselves, others, the Environment or the Community.


The School of Physics will provide safe working conditions, define and teach safe working practices and provide information and control measures for identified hazards in the workplace and immediate environment.


The School will promote and support an effective HS Committee and work to resolve and achieve consensus on all HS issues.


Area Supervisors and Class Demonstrators are held accountable for the Health and Safety of Staff and Students under their supervision and for Environmental protection measures in the activities under their control.


The SchoolÕs HS Primary Objective is to eliminate all accidents and hazardous work practices that could result in personal injury, occupational illness or damage to the environment.


The School has undertaken to implement its HS Guidelines through a program of measures that include:


   of All Laboratories and Office  areas (against general and specific checklists) Per Annum.


25.08.2013 (Updated on regular basis)

Chairperson, School of Physics HS Committee