Emergency Information

Report all emergencies: Ambulance/Fire/Police 9385 6666

State your name
Location of the incident, Building/Floor & Room No
What the emergency is: fire, bomb, gas, chemical etc.

Stay calm and advice others:

Your Colleagues
Your Supervisor
Other Students

University Health Services                                  55425

Hospital       Prince of Wales                                  (0) 9382 2222                            

After Hours Emergency (Security)              56666  

                 Paul Bransdon                                       52725
                    Lance Islip                                              58225

Chemical spills
                      Bob Armstrong                                       52912       
                      Martina Lavin                                          52914
                      Lance Islip                                              58225

Lifts                                                              56000

Poisons Information Centre                          (0) 13 11 26

Emergency evacuation procedures

 The Evacuation alarm has two distinct tones:

 The first tone called the ALERT tone (Beep Beep sound), which is used to alert the occupants of the building to prepare for an evacuation and to mobilise the evacuation personnel in the building. Upon hearing this alarm turn off any equipment, pack up your personal belongings and wait for the evacuation alarm or further instructions.

 The second tone is called the EVACUATION tone (Whoop Whoop sound and a recorded voice asking you to evacuate the building). Upon hearing this alarm you MUST EVACUATE the building in an orderly fashion via the nearest fire stairs or exit (DO NOT USE THE LIFT!) and meet at the Evacuation Assembly Area outside the southern entrance to the Old Main Building (i.e. Anzac Parade side, Village Green). Follow the instructions of the Fire Wardens who will coordinate evacuation.


 Emergency evacuation drills are scheduled in the OMB on a regular base. When these occur it is imperative that all persons obey the directions of the Fire Wardens, evacuate the building and move to Village Green.

             First Aid Officers

Sue Fraser                54579   OMB  Lower Ground Floor, Room LG01      
Tamara Reztsova      54577   OMB  Ground Floor, Room G01,G04
Patrick McMillan         54543   OMB  Ground Floor, Room G01,G04
Shane Hengst           54053   Mezzanine, Room M18
Sebastian Fricke       54579    OMB  Lower Ground Floor, Room LG01  

Elaine Chau              56767   OMB, Aviation, Room 205
Lilli Turner                 57186   OMB, Aviation, Room 217

Location of the first aid boxes:

Lower Ground Floor
LG20    Demo unit
LG06    Acoustics
LG07    CMP Lab(T.Duty)
LG01    First Year Physics Lab
LG49    Protein(X‐ray) Lab
LG48a  Biophotonics lab
LG48    QED Lab
LG44    CMP Lab(S.Rogge&C.Ulrich)
LG46    Optoelectronics Teaching Lab
LG45    Optoelectronics Lab(P.Reece)
LG43    CMP Lab(S.Rogge&C.Ulrich)
LG29    Antarctic Lab(M.Ashley)
LG51    QED Lab
LG28    Phys.clips

Ground Floor
G01      Higher Years Physics Lab
G04      Higher Years Lab Office
G12      Biophysics Lab(M.Beilby)
G10      Protein Lab
G62F    Physics Store
G64      Common room
G11      CMP Lab(C.Ulrich)

First  Floor

Astrophysics & CMP Offices

Second Floor
201        IT

Newton Building
WG8    CMP Lab

Chief Warden
Sue Hagon: Room 62B,OMB, phone 56293

Deputy Chief Warden
Lilli Turner: Room 217,OMB, phone 57186


David Ryan                          54576

Sue Fraser                           54579

Steve Harrop                       54614

Ranji Balalla                        54976

Gary Keenan                       54594

Patrick McMillan                  54543

Tamara Reztsova                54577

George Hatsidimitris           56217

Vladimir Dzuba                   55682

Kim Russell                         55346

Kanchana Gamage             56687

Jon Everett                          56300

Patricia Furst                       54553

Elaine Chau                         56767

Rena Friswell                       55353

Di Edler                                54579

Jamie Lim                            56767