The University of New South Wales 

                                                                                                            School of Physics

                                                                                                        After-hours work policy


This document should be read in conjunction with UNSW’s HS322 (Working After-hours Guideline). Working After Hours Guideline


When working after-hours the risks of certain hazards may be increased due to the reduction in immediate assistance (floor wardens, supervisors, first aid officers and people around) in the event of an accident or incident, or some preexisting medical condition.


This policy applies to working after-hours within OMB and in the School of Physics labs in Newton Building. After-hours refers to any time between the hours of 6:00pm to 8:00am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and University holidays.

 Workplaces requiring Permission

No special permission is required to work after-hours in low-risk workplaces, such as offices, CATS rooms, or computer laboratories.

Special permission is required to work in medium and high risk laboratories. The medium risk workplaces are those in which work involves dangerous goods or hazardous substances, machinery, voltages over 40 V, low level radiation,class 3 lasers and
general chemistry laboratories. Class 4 laser laboratories belong to the high risk workplaces.

Restrictions on Activities Conducted After Hours

All after hours work must be risk assessed and signed off by the supervisor.
Any work that has a high risk rating cannot be undertaken after hours.


Approval to undertake the work

The associated form should be filled in to apply for permission to work after-hours in a medium risk laboratory.

Special permission should be authorized by the applicant's supervisor and approved by the Head of School of Physics.

After Hours Approval form

Conditions on Permission


The Head of School or Supervisor may suggest special conditions on working after hours. To manage the additional risks in the absence of major support personnel “buddy” system may be recommended.
Undergraduates are not allowed to work in any laboratory in the School after-hours unless directly supervised by a suitably competent member of staff.


The records of after-hours approval must be kept locally in a lab in a special register.