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  • Plastic Tubing - Bunnings Warehouse
for a slap tube that is to be played closed-open (ie the hand stays in contact with the end), there is one open-tube end-effect. So the effective length of the tube is
L + 0.6*r  =  L + 0.3*D
where L is the length and D the diameter.

4 times this length gives the wavelength and (speed of sound)/(wavelength) gives frequency.
Speed of sound is about 343 m/s and you can get the frequency from

So you need a length
L = (speed of sound/frequency)/4  -  end effect
   = (343 m/s / frequency)/4  -  0.3 D

If your pipe has ID 17 mm (like the electrical conduit we got from Bunnings), and you want middle C at 262 Hz

L  =  (343 m/s / 262)/4  -  0.3 (0.017 m)
    = 323 mm.

  C        D           E            F          G             
323      289       256        241      214    
A            B            C         
191        169         159 mm

Because it's a percussion instrument, errors of a mm or so won't be a problem in tuning.
We have much more material about sound on
and musical sound on
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