Multimedia Modules

1. Sound

Investigate sound and vibration
Do things vibrate faster or slower when they are heavy/light; stiff/slack?
How does this tell us whether sounds will be high or low?
Sounds and vibration from bottles, strings, pipes and straws.

2. Work, Energy, Power and Forces

Investigate energy, power and forces
You can measure your own power
Where does your energy come from? Do some sums!
What about electrical energy and power? Toy and real cars?
Some examples and experiments with forces.

3. Light

Explores the properties of light with emphasis on lenses and colour. 
Exercises include the construction of a microscope and a telescope. 
"Why is the sky blue and the sunset orange?" is explored in the exercises  on colour and colour mixing.
The kit includes samples from nature and  fun toys exhibiting the wave properties of light.


4. Pendulum

The pendulum kit contains a series of activities designed to allow children to investigate the features of a pendulum that affect its swing (period T).
There is also some simple equipment for investigating objects rolling down ramps.
Children will primarily investigate how the length and weight (mass) of a pendulum affect its swing.
The equipment provided utilises simple, everyday objects that most children will be familiar with.