Dirac Medal and Lecture (UNSW & AIP)

The Dirac Medal is awarded in commemoration of the visit of P.A.M. Dirac in Australia 1975 by Dirac’s recommendation and personal contribution “For the Advancement of Theoretical Physics” in a fund organized by the University of New South Wales, Sydney/Australia, in cooperation with the Australian Institute of Physics based on a Silver Medal and honorarium.    

1979 Hannes Alfven
1981 John C. Ward
1983 Nicholaas Bloembergen
1985 David Pines
1987 Robert Hofstadter
1988 Klaus von Klitzing
1989 Carlo Rubbia & Kenneth Wilson
1990 Norman F. Ramsey
1991 Herbert A. Hauptman
1992 Wolfgang Paul
1996 Edwin Salpeter
2002 Heinrich Hora
2003 Edward Shuryak
2004 Iosef Kriplovich
2006 Sir Roger Penrose
2008 Harald Fritzsch
2011 Lord Robert M May