Information about all undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, including closing dates and application forms is available from the UNSW Scholarships website.

Undergraduate Scholarships
A number of University wide and Faculty-based scholarships are available for students studying physics at UNSW. Some of these are available for students beginning their degree, other for students in higher years of study. A full list, including downloadable application forms, are available from UNSW’s scholarships webpage .

Postgraduate Scholarships for Australian Students
The largest scholarship programs for Australian postgraduate research students are the Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA) and the University Postgraduate Awards (UPA). The scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit, referees reports and research experience and potential. These are available for students enrolled into the MSc by Research and PhD programs.
Further information is available from the Graduate Research School.

Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (EIPRS) provide tuition fees for full-time research in a PhD or Masters (by Research), overseas student health cover (OSHC) for the student and his/her dependants, and visa charges. All EIPRS recipients receive a living allowance from UNSW. Applications are open to citizens of all countries (except permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand). A similar scholarship is funded by UNSW called the University International Postgraduate Award (UIPA). In order to be competitive for the EIPRS and UIPA, international postgraduate research students require an outstanding academic record, prizes and awards and evidence of strong research potential. Further information is available from the Graduate Research School.

Occasionally individual research groups may offer a PhD scholarship. You should contact these groups to ask about the possibility of individual scholarships.

A number of prizes are offered every year for undergraduate students. Some of these are offered by the School of Physics for best performance in one or more physics courses during the year. Others are awarded by the Faculty of Science or the University for academic excellence throughout a year, or throughout the entire degree. Full details of all prizes awarded to undergraduate students are available at

There are very few prizes awarded to PhD students. Two of the most prestigious are the UNSW U Committee Award for Research Excellence in Science (for being adjudged to have produced the best PhD thesis within the Faculty of Science, UNSW), and the AIP Bragg Gold Medal, for the best PhD physics thesis by a student from an Australian University.