Career Profile

Andy Young completed his Bachelor of Science in Medical Physics in 2000.

I recently graduated with a degree in science. My major was in medical physics. Upon graduating, I was fortunate enough to find a job at St Vincent's Hospital as one of the Scientific Officers with the Nuclear Medicine Dept. Aspects of my job have included radiation protection, programming, looking after equipment and giving technical advice. There are also opportunities to pursue one's own interests.

Working in this field has shown how useful physics can be. There are subjects taught by the physics department that are very relevant to working in my position. Subjects like solid state physics, electronics and computing subjects, for example, hold a lot of relevance. There are also sets of experiments offered in the third year lab that have helped in the understanding of the theory involved in my job.

Overall, choosing to study in medical physics has opened up a lot of non-physics related areas. Medical physics means that areas in physiology, anatomy, and biology are studied. And it's interesting to see all the different areas of science coming together under the one roof.

My advice to people studying in physics is to stick at it. Physics gets a whole lot more interesting and fulfilling as you get further into it.

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