Career Profile

Robert Ward
4th Year Medical Physics Student

"Choosing the right degree to study at University can be a stressful decision; it's something that requires considerable investigation and thought. Personally, I have found a Physics-based degree an ideal choice, for it is the only program around that provides the necessary background to understand our technological future.

"My decision to choose Medical Physics at UNSW was based on the knowledge I'd get to work in an environment that would develop logical reasoning, meeting some of the world's best scientists in the process. At the moment, I'm assisting in the design of a new detector for prostate concer. Facilities in the School of Physics have allowed me to work with extremely sophisticated (and expensive) equipment, whether it be lasers, electron microscopes or even atoms.

"Physics at UNSW has proven its worth to me several times over. It's a place where every student knows one another, a place where life-long friendships will undoubtedly be established. The Physics Students' Society promotes staff-student contact, and arranges events ranging from soccer matches to social camps. The assortment of sporting clubs and entertainment around the campus provides the other half of any student's university life. I've found the UNSW Judo and Aikido clubs particularly rewarding.

"Physics provides a flexible balance of theory and practical work, with good employment prospects at the end of the degree. Graduating with a degree in Physics will open many doors, ranging from prestigious research projects to employment in areas that require skills with computing, electronics, fibre-optic communications, or nuclear medicine. It's not a degree that will trap you into one particular line of work; it provides the basis with which you can adapt to a rapidly changing future."

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