Faculty of Science Vacation Research Scholarships

These Vacation Scholarships are available for Australian/New Zealand residents currently enrolled at a university in the penultimate year of an undergraduate program in Science or a related discipline. The Scholarships are valued at $3800 for a 6 week research project.

Closing date: 20 September 2013.

Further information and application forms available here .

School of Physics Vacation Research Scholarships (UGVC1047)

The School of Physics is offering Vacation Research Scholarships to UNSW students who are enrolled into a physics major as part of any science or dual degree program. The Scholarships are for six weeks during the December 2013-February 2014 Summer Vacation, and are worth $3300 (tax-free). Applicants should have completed the second or third year of their physics major, or equivalent.

Closing date: 5pm, 13 September 2013.

Further information and a link to the Scholarships application website are available here.

Vacation Projects: This list is not exhaustive, but gives an idea of the projects that may be available. Actual projects will be tailored to suit the student.

The websites of the individual research groups are linked below.

Links to Individual Research Groups:
Astrophysics and Optics
Condensed Matter Physics
Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology
Environmental and Applied Physics
Theoretical Physics

Professional Practicum