At the start of each session, your lecturers will provide you with information about the assessment for each course you are studying. This may include mid-session tests, assignments, experimental reports, talks and end-of-session exams.

Timetables for mid-session tests are given at the start of each session. Timetables for end of session exams are available from myUNSW towards the end of each session.

The university takes the issue of academic honesty very seriously, and students should familiarise themselves with the definitions of plagiarism, and learn how their work should be referenced. The Learning Centre can provide the information you need.

On some occasions, sickness, misadventure, or other circumstances beyond your control may prevent you from completing a course requirement or attending or submitting assessable work for a course. Students can apply for Special Consideration for that piece of assessment. The university has procedures for this, which students should follow. Note that requests for special consideration should have supporting documentation and should be submitted within three days of the missed or affected piece of work. Students who have any queries should contact the Physics Friend, Sue Hagon (s.hagon@unsw.edu.au)

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