School Colloquia

Forthcoming Colloquia 2007

Date Title Speaker(s)
December 4th

Terahertz Nano-Optoelectronics

Dr. H.C. Liu
November 13th

Generation IV Nuclear Power Systems

Dr. Maurice Ripley
November 7th On reducing damage and increasing effectiveness of radiaton therapy and chemotherapy
Professor Richard Blankenbecler
October 30th

A Guided Tour of Sagitarrius A*

Dr. Mark Wardle
October 9th Magnetic Thin Films and Neutron Scattering Dr. Frank Klose
October 2nd

Self Assembling and Self-Ordering in Ge Islands Deposited on Si

A/Professor Giovanni Capellini
September 11th A ‘Hole’ New Spin on Electronics
A/Professor Alex Hamilton

August 28th

The Anglo-Australian Planet Search: Hunting out Extra-solar Planets Professor Chris Tinney
August 16th

Chemical Complexity in the Galactic Centre Molecular Clouds

Dr Miguel Angel Requena Torres
June 29th Science Education in the 21st Century: Using the tools of physics to teach physics Prof. Carl Wieman
June 21st Thermal Radiation from Large Asteroids Dr Matthew Chamberlain
May 31th Astronomy on the Altiplano -- Sub-Millimetre Wave Astronomy from the Atacama Plateau of Chile A/Professor Michael Burton
May 24th The Supersolid Phase of Matter Professor Matthias Troyer
April 5th Heat Conduction in Nonlinear Systems Professor Bambi Hu

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