Colloquia 2007

Colloquia 2007

Self Assembling and Self-Ordering in Ge Islands Deposited on Si

A/Professor Giovanni Capellini
Dipartimento di Fisica “E. Amaldi”, Università Roma Tre, Rome

4-5 p.m., Tuesday, 2 October 2007

School of Physics Common Room
Room 64, Old Main Building

Ge/Si self-assembled islands can be exploited as building blocks of a variety of nanometric Si-based devices with wide ranging applications in electronics and information technology. The general understanding of their physical properties, as well as the engineering aspects of their integration into production flow, have interested researchers and industries in the last decade.

In this talk I will present the contribution to this field given by our group at the Università of Roma Tre. Following the development of our research time-line I will first present the main aspects of the island self-assembling dynamics, taking in to account the effect of the deposition parameters on the growth dynamics and kinetics. This will open the route to the discussion of the intermixing phenomenon in as-grown islands, capped islands, and island multi-layers. An original method for the measurements of the composition in three-dimensional nanometric structures will be also presented.

As a last topic, I will discuss the strain-driven spontaneous ordering induced in island single and multi-layers. This ordering enabled us to propose a bottom-up approach for the fabrication of three dimensional quantum-dots and superlattices.

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The audience is invited to meet the speaker beforehand at 3.45 p.m. over wine and cheese in the Physics Common Room.

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