Colloquia 2007

Colloquia 2007

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The Anglo-Australian Planet Search: Hunting out Extra-solar Planets

Professor Chris Tinney
ARC Professorial Fellow, UNSW School of Physics

4-5 p.m., Tuesday, 28 August 2007

School of Physics Common Room
Room 64, Old Main Building

The last 12 months have been very busy for the study of exoplanets. The Spitzer infrared satellite has directly detected the mid-infrared flux excess of a transiting exoplanet; transit searches have detected many more planets, resulting in much more information of exoplanetary radii and densities; and, something like 40 new planets have been reported - some of them allegedly habitable! In addition to continuing its long-running Doppler search for "Solar-system-like" exoplanets, the Anglo-Australian Planet Search has also completed it's first massive chunk of observing as part of a "Rocky Planet Search" for terrestrial-mass planets in short period orbits.

With so many developments in the last year, I'll both look back at what's happened, and look forward to the future directions in which these results are pointing us.


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