School Colloquia

Previous Colloquia 2005

Date Title Speaker(s)

December 8th

A layman's guide to M-theory

Prof. Michael Duff

November 7th The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission Dr. James E Graf
November 3rd Ferromagnets ain't ferromagnets: polarized neutron scattering and the search for non-collinear ferromagnetism Dr. Andrew Wildes
October 13th Electrodynamics of Left-Handed Medium
A. L. Efros
September 15th Basic Quantum Electrodynamic processes in the electric field of a heavy nucleus Prof. Alexander I. Milstein
May 26th

The Fluctuation Theorem

Prof. Denis J. Evans
April 14th Opportunities for Physics Research at OPAL, the Australian Replacement Research Reactor Dr. R. A. Robinson
March 24th

Readout of Flux Qubits

Dr Hideaki Takayanag

March 17th Electronic Phenomena in One Dimensional GaAs Channels Professor Michael Pepper
March 7th Carbon Nanotube Transistors Prof. David Pulfrey
February 10th Steady-state thermodynamics of shearing viscoelastic fluids A/Professor Peter Daivis
February 14th Towards NMR at 100 Tesla in Pulsed High Field Magnets Professor Juergen Haase

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