Colloquia 2005

Electronic Phenomena in One Dimensional GaAs Channels

Professor Michael Pepper, FRS
Cavendish Laboratory
University of Cambridge


4-5 p.m., Thursday, 17 March, 2005


School of Physics Common Room
Room 64 Old Main Building
The University of New South Wales

In this talk a survey will be given on some of our recent work on electron transport in one-dimension in GaAs channels formed by "electrostatic squeezing". A parallel magnetic field can induce a crossing of opposite spin levels which appears to give rise to an interaction and the discontinuous appearance of a new level. It is possible that this is part of a series occurring whenever spin levels cross and the 0.7 feature is the first in this series to be formed. In sufficiently long channels it is found that for particular values of carrier concentration, and temperature, electrons are trapped in a non-conducting state below the conduction band and eventually the system is completely non-conducting characterised by a gap at the Fermi energy. Finally results will be presented on the spin interactions between electrons and nuclei and, in particular, it will be shown that the observed behaviour provides strong evidence for the spin polarisation of electrons in the absence of a magnetic field.

The audience, including graduate students, are invited to meet the speaker 15 minutes beforehand over wine and cheese in the Physics Common Room.

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