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News Archive

  • 24 February 2012 The Optoelectronics Group welcomes back Wen Jun Toe who begins his PhD with a TFS scholarship after a year of R&R.
  • 22 April 2010 New Publication in Applied Physics Letters on optical characterisation of II-VI compound quantum dot doped porous silicon microcavities. Read about it here.
  • 20 April 2010 Our biomolecular self-assembly research receives a Federal Commercial Australia Grant and visit from local Federal Minister Peter Garrett! Read about it here.
  • 30 Sept 2009 Optical tweezers research receives UNSW Faculty press coverage. Read about it here.
  • 11 Sept 2009 New publication in Applied Physics Letters on combined optical tweezing and microphotoluminesence of single InP nanowires.Read about it here.