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The Virtual Flute: Credits
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The Virtual Flute is the work of Andrew Botros, a graduate of Computer Science and Engineering, who did his engineering research project with the Music Acoustics group in 2001. For this work, Andrew was the winner of the national Siemens Prize for Innovation. This work is described in the paper:

BOTROS, A., SMITH, J. & WOLFE, J. (2006). The Virtual Flute: An advanced fingering guide generated via machine intelligence. Journal of New Music Research, 35(3), 183-196. [1.1M PDF]

The flutist upon whose playing the 'playability' model is based is Jane Cavanagh, former principal flute of the University of New South Wales Orchestra (read Jane's article in Pan 1.1M PDF). The units of playability generated by the model are therefore named janes, so a note indicated by three stars has a playability of 3 janes, and so on. Further modelling is also based on the playing of CÚcile van der Burgh and Caoimhe McMillan. All three flutists have been members of the Woollahra Philharmonic Orchestra.


This research is supported by the Australian Research Council. Other collaborators include flute maker Mark O'Connor of The Woodwind Group, classical flute maker Terry McGee, and flutist Geoffrey Collins of the Australia Ensemble.

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