Andre Phillips in cold weather gear




The JACARA Science Steering Committee

  • Michael Burton, University of New South Wales (Chair)
  • Joss Bland-Hawthorn, Anglo Australian Observatory
  • John Dickey, University of Tasmania
  • Marc Duldig, Australian Antarctic Division
  • Geraint Lewis, University of Sydney
  • Sarah Maddison, Swinburne University
  • Peter McGregor, Australian National University


UNSW Antarctic Research Group

Professor John Storey
Co-Principal Investigator
A/Professor Michael Ashley
Co-Principal Investigator
A/Professor Michael Burton
Co-Principal Investigator
Dr Jon Lawrence
Postdoctoral Fellow
Jon Everett
Professional Officer
Daniel Luong-Van
Antarctic Instrument Scientist
Suzanne Kenyon
Phd Student
Jessie Christiansen
PhD student
South Pole Planet Search

Balthasar Indermuehle
PhD student
Antarctic site testing


Shane Hengst
PhD student