PHYS1211 Energy and Environmental Physics - Session 2 Only

The way modern society uses (and abuses) energy is the source of many of today's environmental problems, with air pollution and global warming being the best known. The laws of Physics say many important things about energy, from its overall conservation, to the modes by which it can be converted from one form to another, and the limits to the efficiency of such conversion processes. This course will look at the primary sources of energy available for human use (fossil fuels, solar, nuclear and alternatives), key conversion processes, and some of the environmental impacts of this use.

The course comprises 5 hours of formal class time per week: 3 x 1 hour lectures, 1 x 2 hour workshop-tutorial (including laboratory, project work and discussions).

Course Lecturers

  • Part 1: Weeks 1-4 A/Prof. Jeremy Bailey
  • Part 2: Weeks 5-8 Dr. Krystyna Wilk
  • Part 3: Weeks 9-12 Prof. Michael Ashley

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Course Texts
The prescribed text for the course is:
PRESCRIBED TEXT: Energy, Its Use and the Environment, R.A. Hinrichs and M. Kleinback.
Thomson / Brooks-Cole.