LAB CLASSES for ALL first year physics courses, Term 1, 2014

For the courses PHYS0001, PHYS1111, PHYS1149, PHYS1121 and PHYS1131 and PHYS1141:

Every student takes a 2 hour laboratory class each week at the time slot chosen on enrolment.

  • For PHYS1121, PHYS1131 and PHYS11411
    During Week 1 of session you should watch the safety induction on your Moodle course and complete the Quiz. You need to score 11/12 on the Quiz to obtain access to the Laboratory Prework.

  • PHYS0001, PHYS1111 laboratory classes start in Week 3.
    You should go to the First Year Physics Laboratory, Room LG01, on the Lower Ground Floor of the Old Main Building, at the time given on your timetable.

  • Laboratory Exemption for Repeating Students:
    If you are a repeating student you may apply for a laboratory exemption. Your previous lab grade will determine whether you qualify for a laboratory exemption; you need a mark of 15/20 or above. A form for this request can be collected from outside the First Year Physics Laboratory, or can be downloaded from here: Lab Exemption form for the Repeating Students/(pdf version). Please complete the form and email to or return to the laboratory staff before 10 February 2014 .

    It is an expectation that you will spend the time you would have otherwise spent in lab studying physics. To keep your lab exempt status you need to show the Teaching Assistant (in Room LG02, OMB) physics problems that you have been working on at least three times during the session. The Teaching Assistant will have a record of your details. This does not exempt you from the WebAssign quizzes.