Summary of Physics Courses

In brief:

  • Physics Bridging Course (to assist with pre-university preparation) - Many students find Physics challenging at university, even those who have done HSC Physics. The Physics Bridging Course offers a valuable way to revise physics and experience how physics is taught at university.
    If you want to study physics at university but have little or no background in physics you should also consider PHYS1111 Fundamentals of Physics (see below), which offers a more expansive introduction to the physics needed for the mainstream first year physics courses.
    Physics Bridging Course 2014

  • Fundamentals of Physics is designed for Life Science students, or as an introductory Physics course (for those who have not studied Physics before) prior to studying the compulsory physics course in their program.
  • Physics 1A/1B and Higher Physics 1A/1B are the main courses studied by most students and provide an all round introduction to the course.
  • Higher Physics 1B Special is our most advanced First Year Course aimed at Advanced Science and high performing students.
  • Energy and Environmental Physics is designed for environmental science students and those looking to take a physics elective course. It provides an introduction to how physics may be used to understand environmental issues.
  • Astronomy provides an introduction to astronomy and the search for life in the Universe.

  • General Education courses: PHYS1160 Introduction to Astronomy and PHYS1211 Energy and Environmental Physics also serve as 6 UoC General Education courses for students outside the Faculty of Science.

Main Area of Study Course Code and Name
Physics Bridging Course For all details, including registration procedure, see UNSW Bridging Courses site.
Introductory Level (all disciplines)

PHYS1111 Fundamentals of Physics
PHYS0001 Fundamentals of Physics E (DipSET) This course is no longer offered.

Science PHYS1121 Physics 1A
PHYS1221 Physics 1B

Advanced Science

Physics Major*

PHYS1141 Higher Physics 1A Special S1 OR
PHYS1131 Higher Physics 1A

PHYS1231 Higher Physics 1B
PHYS1241 Higher Physics 1B Special S2

Aviation PHYS1149 Aviation S1
PHYS1211 Energy and Environmenal Physics S2
PHYS1121 Physics 1A
PHYS1221 Physics 1B
PHYS1131 Higher Physics 1A
PHYS1231 Higher Physics 1B
Science and/or Engineering*** PHYS1211 Energy and Environmental Physics
Science PHYS1160 Intoduction to Astronomy (fully online)

PHYS1110 Everyday Physics (fully online)

* Physics Major students study Higher Physics 1A in Session 1 and Higher Physics 1B or Higher Physics 1B Special in Session 2.
** Higher Physics 1A and Higher Physics 1B are the recommended courses for Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Telecommunications, Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy programs. Please check with your Program Office.
*** This course is available in many engineering programs, please consult First Year Physics Office and your own School Coordinator.