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UNSW houses one of the strongest Condensed Matter Physics departments in Australia, with eight members of academic staff (including three ARC Federation, Professorial and Future Fellows), and more than twenty research fellows, technical staff and research students

Research in CMP is focussed on the electrical, optical, magnetic and thermal properties of advanced nanoscale materials, with potential applications in nanoelectronics, computing, memory elements and biotechnology. A unique array of research facilities at UNSW includes cryogenic systems for measuring the motion of single electrons inside quantum devices operating at close to the absolute zero of temperature, full clean-room facilities, scanning tunnelling microscopes that can be used to make electronic devices at the atomic scale, advanced laser and raman spectroscopy laboratories, and high performance electron microscopes.

News and Events

24/2/2012 Welcome to new PhD students Wen Jun Toe and Damon Carrod, and Honours student Karina Hudson.

24-28/10/2011 The 2011 Gordon Godfrey workshop on Spins and Strong Correlations was held at UNSW this year, with numerous international visitors. Some Photos are here.

8/7/2011 PhD student LaReine Yeoh wins a Nanotechnology Network scholarship to travel to the UK. She'll be working at the University of Cambridge, making and testing some new devices with collaborators in the Cavendish Laboratory.

17/1/2011 The Quantum Electronic Devices group begins installation of a $900,000 cryogen free vector magnetic field dilution refrigerator, the largest of its kind in the world, for research into the spin properties of semiconductor nanostructres. See here for details.

20/8/2010 High achieving final year undergraduate students interested in a PhD at UNSW can get free flights to Sydney and accommodation to come and check us out. Applications to visit UNSW are open now, and should be placed well before 15 October - see here for details.


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