Courses in Astronomy at UNSW

Within the School of Physics Astronomy is taught at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. If you are not a science major but still interested in Astronomy, we also offer General Education courses in Astronomy. Included within the physics degree are the following astronomy related subjects:

Astrophysics Honours Courses and Projects

  • Astrophysics Honours Interstellar Medium and Cosmology or Stellar Astrophysics
  • Honours astronomy projects are also offered each semester. Session 2 projects on offer in 2010 are listed here.

Astrophysics Undergraduate Courses

General Education Courses (These are for none-science majors)

  • Astronomy (GenS 4001) Planets, Stars and Galaxies - an introduction to astronomy.
  • Brave New World - an exploration of the relationship between Science Fiction and real world science


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