You can now check and make bookings for various resources in Astrophysics online. Current bookings are viewable worldwide but bookings can only be made by users in the School of Physics. To make a booking you will be asked for a username and passwd - this is the same username and passwd you use to access your Physics Mail. If you need access to this page outside the School of Physics, please email me with the details of your bookings

UNSW Cottage
Data Projector

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Make a booking

Additional Info
All meals must now be paid for upon leaving

Additional Information


The Astrophysics Car is a School resource and may be booked by anyone in the School of Physics. Please see Jon Everett (Rm 128B) to obtain the keys.
You must fill in the Astrocar log book (usually located in the glove compartment) on completion of your journey or will not be allowed to use it again!!!


Instructions for using the astrodome can be found here. For further information contact Jon Everett.

Data Projector

The LCD data projector is a Department of Astrophysics resource but is available for hire to other Departments for a small fee to cover running costs. Astrophysics' bookings will recieve priority and we request that other departments do not book this resource more than a week in advance. The data projector can be picked up from Rm 132.

UNSW Cottage 4

UNSW cottage has 3 bedrooms and can accomodate up to 6 people (two of the rooms contain 2 singles and one contains a double bed). There is also a kitchen so you may cook your own food while observing.

Booking your visit to SSO is a 2 stage process.

  1. Before you go observing at SSO, you must contact Margaret Noy to let her know your the dates you will be occupying the cottage - this is done via the online booking form found here.
  2. Your meal requirements and, if you are observing at the AAT, your swipe card access can be organised via this form.

The relevant information will be automatically forwarded to both Rhonda and Margaret via email.

From the 17th July 2005, SSO will no longer invoice institutions for meal costs incurred by dept members while observing. This means you will now be required to pay all bills in full before leaving SSO. They will accept credit card/EFTPOS, cheque or cash.

If you are observing at SSO, please make sure you have the means to pay this bill upon check out. Upon returning to UNSW, you may claim back the costs incurred via an AP01 form which can be found outside Stephen's office or downloaded from the web

To fill out this form you will need a project/grant number to charge the costs to. If you are a student, please ask your supervisor for the relevant codes. If you have trouble filling out the form, please come and see me, its not always immediately obvious what to do if you have never filled out one before.
Once filled out, get Stephen Lo to approve it and send it off via internal mail to "accounts payable". It is good to make a photocopy for your records.

It is also possible to get a monetary advance if required (but there is slightly more paperwork involved to do so).

The Lodge will arrange for cleaning of the UNSW cottage when it is not in use, but everyone is responsible for leaving it in a tidy state. This includes cleaning the kitchen, removing the garbage, placing all laundary (sheets, towels) in the laundry, and placing covers on the beds before departure.


SSO Contact Numbers



ANU Lodge (Margaret Noy) 026 842 6246 026 842 6252
SSO Business Office 026 842 6262
AAT (Rhonda Martin) 026 842 6291 026 842 2298
Bingar Cottage 026 842 6249
Lodge Dining Room 026 842 6246
UNSW Cottage 026 842 6220
AAT Control Room 026 842 6279
APT 026 842 6310
UKST 026 842 6236 026 842 2288
UPPSALA 026 842 6260
40" 026 842 6222
2.3m 026 842 6250
ANU DIRECT 026 842 6262
MOPRA (Control room) 026 849 1801 026 849 1888
MOPRA (Machine room) 026 842 2477 026 849 1888





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