Instructions for using the ASTRO-DOME (first draft)

When using the Astrodome on top of the New Engineering Building building please follow
the set up and pack up instructions outlined below.

Setting Up
    1. The keys and access card to the Astrodome can be found in the usual location (if this is your first trip to the dome please get someone to show you the way)
    2. Before unlocking the Fire Door to the roof area, turn on the light switch beside the door. This switch turns on the red lights for the roof area. THEY MUST REMAIN ON THE ENTIRE TIME YOU ARE ON THE ROOF AREA. This is so security knows there are people on the roof in case of an emergency. When you get inside the dome there is a dimmer switch for the roof red lights so you can adjust them.
    3. Please be careful walking to the Dome and warn others about the unstable tiles and other obstructions they may trip over
    4. Beside the door on the left hand side are the light switches to the Dome area and the dimmer switch for the roof red lights.
    5. Unlock the Astrodome and peg the dome open. Leave the keys outside the dome to avoid them being accidentally locked inside

C-14 Telescope:


1. Check that all control and power cables are attached to the 'Skywalker©' control module and hand-paddle unit.
Turn on the required power supplies, firstly at the General Purpose Outlet (GPO) on the column, then the power switch on the 'Skywalker©' power supply for the telescope control system and/or the 'SBIG' power supply for the CCD Camera and Spectrograph.
3. Turn on the Power for the dome rotator and slit motors. Open the slit to the required altitude. Lower altitudes can be masked out by releasing and holding the catch prior to opening the slit.
4. When rotating the Dome (always warn people before you move the Dome, so no fingers etc. get in the way) make sure that the power cord for opening the Dome is kept clear of the telescope or personnel.
5. The eyepieces are found in the red telescope box.

Driving the C14

1. Switch the S/W(SkyWalker) - System(SYS) slider on the SkyWalker Module to 'SYS'.
2. Switch on the Computer and Display (no password required)
3. Load "Sky" and "Sky Guide" software from the PC Desktop
4. Select the Link to the Astrometric Telescope control system via the "Telescope" pull down menu in "Sky"
5. Manually acquire a bright star with the C14 finder and centre it in the field of the 24 mm eyepiece.
6. Point to the same star in "Sky" and click "Sync" from the "Telescope" menu for that star.
7. From now on use ONLY the "Sky Walker" hand-paddle controls in fine or slew OR the "Sky" slew commands to acquire new objects.
8. Any manual movement of the Telescope will require a re-sync via steps 4 & 5.
9. At this point it is advisable not to enter any new target points into the pointing model. (If this is inadvertently done it is best to exit "Sky" and "Sky Guide" WITHOUT SAVING and reboot the system).



The C-8's reside on the bottom floor on the Dome (please return them to the same location you found them in). PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN HANDLING THE TELESCOPES. The mounts are the large metal structures outside the dome. They are aligned (or should be) S-N.
2. Carefully carry the telescopes and the plastic boxes (one for each telescope, the box has the eyepieces, battery packs etc.) to the mounts.
3. Use the mounting bolts (which reside in the plastic box) and firmly attach the C-8's to the mounts.
4. The battery packs are in the boxes. If you find the batteries are flat you will *hopefully* find more in a box marked new batteries, where you found the telescopes. Please put the old batteries in the 'old battery' box!

Packing Up the C-14

1. Carefully remove the eyepiece, and return it to the red telescope box.
2. Return the telescope to the same position you found it in and turn off the power in the reverse sequence (skywalker on/off, power supply, GPO).
3. Place lens cap back on the telescope, remove eyepiece, filter wheel, CCD Camera, Spectrometer and return to their appropriate storage containers.
4. Place canvas cover over the telescope.

Packing Up C-8's

1. Place battery packs and eyepieces back in box.
  Place the telescope lens cap back on.
2. Remove the mount bolts, also place them back in the box.
3. Recover any item that may have dropped/fallen to the deck and then return the plastic box back and telescope to the position where you found them inside the dome.

Packing Up

1. Close the Dome.
2. Write in Telescope log book, date, what telescopes you used, what you observed, any problems you had (also write them in the telescope problem book when you return the keys) etc.
3. Turn off all powerpoints.
5. At the light switch at the Dome door, turn off the inside Dome lighting. Turn the outside red lights up to full intensity.
6. Have a quick look make sure everything is OK.
7. Take the keys with you, check the Dome door is locked and exit the roof area remembering to turn off the roof red lights at the Fire Door as you leave.
8. Return the Keys to their storage location.
9. If you had/found any faults with any of the telescopes, instruments or software please put a note in the telescope book when you return the keys. This is so any repairs can be made before the telescope is used next.

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