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Photogallery - Antarctica

The South Pole picture gallery is a collection of photographs about the astronomical observatory being constructed at the end of the Earth. It shows the environment and facilities that astronomers now work in at the South Pole.

The extremely cold and dry conditions of the Antarctic plateau make it the finest terrestrial site for viewing the distant stars and galaxies across the infrared and millimetre wavebands. A variety of innovative telescopes are now being constructed there to make more sensitive observations than can be achieved elsewhere on the Earth. An international team of scientists and engineers are participating in this work, including from the USA, Australia, Germany, Sweden and the UK. Australia, through the Joint Australian Centre for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica (JACARA), is responsible for a site testing program, quantifying how good the conditions at the Pole and the high plateau are for astronomy. As part of this, JACARA have installed the AASTO, or Automated Astrophysical Site Testing Observatory, able to operate autonomously at uninhabited sites. Many of the pictures show aspects of the AASTO and the experiments it contains.

Please click on the thumbnails for larger versions of each image.

More pictures of the South Pole and Antarctica are available here. Please note that because of the number of images on this page it takes a long time to download, and is not suitable for use over modems.

Pictures are copyright of JACARA, but can be reproduced for educational, non-profit purposes.


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