Printers in the Dept of Astrophysics

There are 3 main printers that are utilised in the Dept of Astrophysics:
  1. p62f - Hewlett Packard HP4050TN - a black and white laser printer located outside Rm132. Duplex capable via queue p62fd (long edge duplex).
  2. p132 - Epson Stylus Colour 760 - a colour inkjet printer attached to the general purpose PC
  3. p61 - Hewlett Package HP4300 - a black and white laser printer located in Rm 61. Duplex capable via queuep61d (long edge duplex)
A comprehensive list of all the printers in Physics can be found here in the Physics Workstation Guide.Printer QueuesCurrent active print queues on Astro can be browsed here: 
Current active print queues on Newt can be browsed here: 
Note : access to these pages is restricted to within the Physics Domain. Printer Setup Guide This is a comprehensive guide to enable users to setup their own printers on their laptops and workstations. Click on the relevant link below.The main two choices for printing is to print via the servers Astro or Newt. When you see the icon you can click and see an image of what the dialogue boxes throughout the installation should look like. I have used p62fd as an example in this guide to set up other printers in the school, substitute the relevant print queue name (ie p61d) wherever you see p62fd in this example.

Printing in Windows XP via Astro or Newt

In this example I use the server Astro - where-ever you see Astro you can substitue Newt if you would like to set up another printer that prints via Newt. Which is a good option - say if Astro is down, you can still print via Newt, if Newt is down you can still print via Astro.

  1. Go to your Start Menu and select Printers & Faxes. If you are using the classic windows menu go to Start Menu and click on Settings and then select Printers & Faxes.
  2. In the new window that opens select Add Printer
  3. This will open the Add Printer wizard. Click on Next
  4. Select Add a network printer and click Next
  5. Select the Connext to printer on the internet or on a home or office network option and enter
    When you are done click on NEXT
  6. After doing that you will be asked to choose the appropriate printer driver or of you are lucky it may install it automatically for you (if so skip to step 9). A list of all of the printers and drivers associated with them can be found here. If you do not have the appropriate drivers, you can download them here. Select HP on the left hand menu and HP Laserjet 4050 series PCL6 from the right hand menu. Click NEXT after selecting the appropriate driver
  7. You will then be asked if you would like to set this as the default and/or print a test page
    I'll leave those decisions to you!
  8. You should then recieve the message: You have successfully completed the Add Printer Wizard. It will show you the name of the printer (In this case it is p62fd on Click Finish.
  9. In Windows XP Duplexing (double-sided printing) is handled at the OS level so even though we are printing through Astro's duplexing queue (p62fd) we still need to tell windows about it. Go back to your Printer Folder and right-click on the printer called p62fd on and select Properties
  10. You should see a dialogue box pop up that look like this
  11. Click on the Device Setting tab and scroll down to the last option that says Duplex Unit and change it to installed and click Apply
  12. Go back to the General Properties tab and click on the Printing Preferences button
  13. You should see a dialogue box popup. Change the Print on Both sides option from none to you preferred duplexing method - flip on long edge is common. Click ApplyIf at anytime you want to print single sided you can select Properties in your printer dialogue box and set duplexing back to none - or you can set up another printer called p62f and stop at step 8.

You can now echo these steps for any combination of server and print queues ie To print to to p61 via server newt the address in step 5 becomes


Printing in Redhat or Fedora via Astro or Newt

I have setup printer classes that you can simply copy over and install:

1. Copy over the install files from Astro

scp -r .

2. Run the install script called in the printers directory:

cd printers; ./

Printing in Windows ME/98/95 via Astro or Newt

IPP is not supported in these older versions of windows. Please email the Astrophysics Help desk if you are in Astrophysics to get one setup.