Contact Us

To obtain computing related help in Astrophysics, there are 3 primary methods of contact:

E-mail the Helpdesk

Send e-mail to .

This is the preferred method of contact for reporting faults or requesting assistance with Astrophysics computing matters. You will receive an automated response confirming that you have been placed in the Helpdesk request queue. If reporting a fault, include in your request e-mail a clear description of the fault and the events leading up to it.


Within UNSW PABX area: x54560

Visit Room 132

This is the least desired method of contact as the Computing Support person is frequently absent from the office usually assisting people who have logged jobs through the Helpdesk request system. It is best to email even minor requests to the helpdesk to minimise interruptions to Computing Support and the Gemini Deputy Project Scientist who also resides in Rm 132.


In the case of a power outage please email the Astrophysics Help Desk if you cannot locate the computing support person and call UNSW Facilities (Zone 3) on 93856770 to report the outage.