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Graeme J. Russell

B.Sc., Ph.D. UNSW, M.Inst.P., MAIP

Visiting Professor

Advanced Electronic Materials Group

Graeme J. Russell


Advanced Electronic Materials Group

Condensed Matter Physics

Research Interests

The main research interest involves the use of different experimental techniques to produce new advanced electronic materials, determination of their mechanical, electronic and magnetic properties as a function of temperature and their possible use in industrial applications. At the present time the new rare earth high-Tc superconductors are under intensive investigation due to their unusual quantum properties and possible applications in both the small device field and screening configuration together with studies of the intrinsic properties of these materials. Other active interests include surface analysis where x-ray photoelectron, Auger electron and electron energy loss spectroscopies as well as x-ray absorption fine structure and NEXAFS spectroscopies are used to determine the electronic structure of new materials. During the last eight years more than 150 papers have been published on the superconductor research work including those describing the leading edge work on the growth of ultrahigh purity single crystals and high current capacity thick films.

Recently, we have started developing new rare-earth manganite materials for our colossal magnetoresistance (CMR) program.

Selected Publications

  • Cryogenic Thermoelectric Cooler with a Passive Branch. C. Cipagauta Mino, J.W. Cochrane, E.H. Volckmann and G.J. Russell, J. Electronic Mat., 26, 915, (1997).
  • Temperature-Dependent Changes in the Structure of High-Quality Polycrystalline Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x Material. P.A. Miles, S.J. Kennedy, A.R. Anderson, G.D. Gu, G.J. Russell and N. Koshizuka, Phys. Rev., B55, 14632, (1997).
  • Electron Microprobe Analysis and Synchrotron Diffraction Study of Crystalline (Nd0.5Y0.5)Ba2Cu3O7-d. J.W. Cochrane, P.A. Miles, G.J. Russell, G. Foran and D.J. Cookson, Physica C, 277, 213, (1997).
  • Photo-thermal Electron Transport in YBCO-bismuth Junctions. M.M. Kaila, J.W. Cochrane and G.J. Russell, Supercon. Sci. Technol., 10, 763, (1997).
  • Refinement of the Incommensurate Structure of High Quality Bi-2212 Single Crystals from a Neutron Diffraction Study. P.A. Miles, S.J. Kennedy, G.J. McIntyre, G.D. Gu, G.J. Russell and N. Koshizuka, Physica C, 294, 275, (1998).

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