Adjunct and Emeritus staff

Barry J. Allen

BSc, MSc (Melbourne), PhD (UW), DSc (Melbourne), FAIP, FAPS, FACPSEM

Adjunct Professor

Research Director, Centre for Experimental Radiation Oncology
St George Cancer Care Centre

New radiation modalities for the therapy of cancer. This topic includes the development of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT), a binary therapy for intractable cancers, targeted alpha therapy (TAT) for systemic control of micrometastases, microbeams, radiobiology, macro and micro-radiation dosimeters. These topics are developed at the Centre of Experimental Radiation Oncology with collaborating universities.

In vivo body composition studies for normal and diseased subjects. Body compartments are measured by physical techniques to provide analytical methods to investigate the effects of aging, acute and chronic diseases and their treatments. Facilities are located in the centre for In Vivo Composition Studies at Royal North Shore Hospital.