Postdoctoral and Research Fellows

Robert J. Bursill

B.Sc. Melbourne Ph.D. Melbourne

ARC Research Associate




Research Interests

Robert's field is theoretical condensed matter physics. His particular interest is in theories of low dimensijonal magnetism and conjugated polymers, which in recent times have been observed to possess interesting electronic and optical properties, driven by the low dimensionality and the strong many body interactions. These systems are fundamentally different from their three dimensional counterparts, and research at UNSW involves proposing and numerically solving quantum lattice models which reveal the new physics of these systems.

Selected Publications

  • Phase Diagram of the One-Dimensional Holstein Model of Spinless Fermions. R.J. Bursill, R.H. Mckenzie and C.J. Hamer, Phys. Rev Letts., 80, 5607-5610 (1998)
  • Identification of Excitons in Conjugated Polymers: A Density Matrix Renormalization Group Study. M. Boman and R.J. Bursill, Physical. Rev iew B, 57, 15167-15176, (1998)
  • Density Matrix Renormalization Group Calculations of the Low-Lying Excitations and Non-Linear Optical Properties of Poly(Para-Phenylene). W. Barford, R.J. Bursill and M. Yulavrentiev, Journal of Physics C, 10, 6429-6446 (1998)
  • Theory of molecular excitons in the phenyl-based organic semiconductors. W. Barford and R.J. Bursill, Chemical Phys. Lett. 268, 535-540 (1997)
  • Density matrix renormalisation group for a quantim spin chain at non-zero temperature. R.J. Bursill, Tao Xiang and G.A. Gehring, Journal of Physics C, 8, L583-590 (1996).
  • Applications of the density matrix renormalisation group to problems in magnetism. R.J. Bursill, Tao Xiang and G.A. Gehring, Acta Physica Polonica A, 91, 105-119 (1997).

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