General Staff

Dr. Jack W. Cochrane

BAppSc CCAE, MPhysics UNSW, PhD

UNSWProfessional Officer


Condensed Matter Physics

Research Groups

  • Mesoscopics
  • Magnetic Materials

  • Research laboratory management and technical support.

Research Interests

  • High temperature superconductivity
  • Thermoelectric/solar power generators.
  • Human powered vehicles.
  • Intertidal marine ecology. 

Selected Publications

  • A thermoelectric detector for high radiant flux densities. J. W. Cochrane, H. J. Goldsmid and R. J. Moore, Solar Energy, 31, 327-329 (1983).
  • A recumbent experience. J. W. Cochrane, Push On, 12, 6, 52-53 (1988).
  • Seebeck coefficient as an indicator of oxygen content in YBCO. J. W. Cochrane, G. J. Russell and D. N. Matthews, Physica C, 232, 89-92 (1994).
  • Thermopower of ultra-high purity YBa2Cu3O7- single crystals. J. W. Cochrane, A. Hartmann and G. J. Russell, Physica C, 265, 135-142 (1996).
  • Electron microprobe analysis and synchrotron diffraction study of crystalline (Nd0.5Y0.5)Ba2Cu3O7- . J. W. Cochrane, P. A. Miles, G. J. Russell, G. Foran and D. J. Cookson. Physica C, 277, 213-218 (1997).
  • Activation energies for ultra-high purity YBCO single crystals. J. W. Cochrane and G.J. Russell, Supercond. Sci. Technol., 11, 1105-1111 (1998).
  • Magneto-optical observations of magnetic flux distribution in a high-temperature superconductor x-array. Z. W. Lin, J. W. Cochrane, N. E. Lumpkin and G. J. Russell, Physica C, 312, 247-254 (1999).
Contact Details

Mail Address

School of Physics
The University of New South Wales

Email Address

Phone Number

61 2 9385 5329/4555 (CMP)

Facsimile Number

61 2 9385 6060