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John R. Smith


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Environmental and Applied Physics 

John R. Smith

Research Interests

Acoustics. In recent years I have been involved with the acoustics group in developing a novel acoustic impedance spectrometer. The performance of this instrument is currently allowing us to make the first detailed study on the linear acoustics of the flute family of wind instruments - see for some examples. This instrument is also being used to study the acoustics of the vocal tract during speech and whilst playing a musical instrument.

Biophysics. My research interests lie in studying various electrodiffusion problems that involve determining how ions move through materials under the influence of gradients in electric potential and concentration. Recently I have detected the depletion layer that can form between artificial membranes containing fixed charges of opposite sign. Currently we are examining the changes in concentration that can occur around implanted neural electrodes.


Selected Publications

  • J.R.Smith. Phasing of harmonic components to optimize measured signal-to-noise ratios of transfer functions. Meas. Sci. Technol. 6. (1995) 1343-1348.
  • J. Epps. J. R. Smith and J. Wolfe. A novel instrument to measure acoustic resonances of the vocal tract during phonation. Meas. Sci. Technol., 8, (1997) 1112-1121.
  • A.Dowd, J. Smith and J. Wolfe. Learning to produce vowel sounds in a foreign language using acoustic measurements of the vocal tract as feedback in real time. Language and Speech, 41, (1997) 1-20.
  • J. R. Smith, N. Henrich and J. R. smith. The acoustic impedance of the Boehm flute: Standard and some non-standard fingerings. Proc. Institute of Acoustics.. 19(5), (1997) 315-320.
  • J. R. Smith, R. Simons and J. Weidenhaun. The low frequency conductance of bipolar membranes indicates the presence of a depletion layer. J. Membrane Sci., 140, (1998) 155-164

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