Academic Staff

Peter J. Reece

BSc (Hons) UNSW, PhD (Physics) UNSW


Department and Research Groups


Michael Gal

Research Interests

Optoelectronic properties of self-assembled semiconductor nanowires
Optical trapping and manipulation of nanoparticles and nanowires
Silicon biophotonics and single cell sensing
Silicon nanophotonics / microphotonics

Recent Publications 2001–2013

Book Chapter:

1.       K. Dholakia and P.J. Reece, Near-Field Optical Micromanipulation, in Structured Light and Its Applications: An Introduction to Phase-Structured Beams and Nanoscale Optical Forces, D.L. Andrews, Editor. 2008, Academic Press. p. 107-138.

Journal Publications:

1.       D.J. Carrad, A.M. Burke, P.J. Reece, R.W. Lyttleton, D.E.J. Waddington, A. Rai, D. Reuter, The effect of (NH4) 2Sx passivation on the (311) A GaAs surface and its use in AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructure devices, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 25 (32), 325304, (2013).

2.       Y. Zhu, B. Gupta, B. Guan, S. Ciampi, P. J. Reece, and J. J. Gooding, Photolithographic Strategy for Patterning Preformed, Chemically Modified, Porous Silicon Photonic Crystal Using Click Chemistry ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 5 (14), 6514-6521, (2013).

3.      C.M. Johnson, P.J. Reece, G.J. Conibeer, Theoretical and experimental evaluation of silicon photonic structures for enhanced erbium up-conversion luminescence, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 112, 168-181, (2013).

4.       B Gupta, Y Zhu, B Guan, P. Reece, JJ Gooding, Porous Silicon as an ideal optofluidics material for biosensing: Emphasis on microfabrication and monitoring cells in vivo and in vitro, Analyst, 138(13):3593-3615, (2013).

5.       T. Bray, Y. Zhao, P. Reece, and S. P. Bremner, Photoluminescence of antimony sprayed indium arsenide quantum dots for novel photovoltaic devices J. Appl. Phys. 113, 093102 (2013).

6.       F. Wang, W. J. Toe, W. M. Lee, D. McGloin, Q. Gao, H. H. Tan, C. Jagadish, P. J. Reece, Resolving Stable Axial Trapping Points of Nanowires in an Optical Tweezers Using Photoluminescence Mapping, Nano Letters, 13 (3), pp 1185–1191 (2013). 

7.       C.M. Johnson, P.J. Reece, G.J. Conibeer, Theoretical and experimental evaluation of silicon photonic structures for enhanced erbium up-conversion luminescence, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 112, pp. 168–181 (2013).

8.       S. Ciampi, B. Guan, N.A. Darwish, Y. Zhu, P. J. Reece, J. Justin Gooding, A multimodal optical and electrochemical device for monitoring surface reactions: Redox active surfaces in porous silicon Rugate filters, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 14 (47), pp. 16433-16439 (2012).

9.       X. Cheng, R. Gondosiswanto, S. Ciampi, P. J. Reece, J. J. Gooding, One-pot synthesis of colloidal silicon quantum dots and surface functionalization via thiol-ene click chemistry, Chemical Communications, 48 (97), pp. 11874-11876. (2012)

10.    B. Guan, S. Ciampi, E. Luais, M. James, P. J. Reece, J. J. Gooding, Depth-resolved chemical modification of porous silicon by wavelength-tuned irradiation, Langmuir, 28 (44), pp. 15444-15449. (2012)

11.    A.M. Burke, D.E.J. Waddington, D.J. Carrad, R.W. Lyttleton, H. H. Tan, P. J. Reece, O. Klochan, A. R. Hamilton, A. Rai, D. Reuter, A. D. Wieck, A. P. Micolich, Origin of gate hysteresis in p-type Si-doped AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructures, Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 86 (16), art. no. 165309, (2012)

12.    S. Ciampi, B. Guan, N. Darwish, P. J. Reece, J. J. Gooding, Redox-active monolayers in mesoporous silicon,  Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116 (30), pp. 16080-16088. (2012)

13.    C. Rajapakse, F. Wang, T. C. Y. Tang, P. J. Reece, S. G. Leon-Saval, A. Argyros, Spectroscopy of 3D-trapped particles inside a hollow-core microstructured optical fiber, Optics Express, 20 (10), pp. 11232-11240. (2012)

14.    J. Z. Ou, R. A. Rani, M. H. Ham, M. R. Field, Y. Zhang, H. Zheng, P. Reece, S. Zhuiykov, S. Sriram, M. Bhaskaran, R. B. Kaner, and K. Kalantar-zadeh, Elevated Temperature Anodized Nb2O5: A Photoanode Material with Exceptionally Large Photoconversion Efficiencies, ACS Nano 6 (5), 4045-4053 (2012)

15.    T. Bocking, K.A. Kilian, P. J. Reece, K. Gaus, M. Gal, and J. J. Gooding, Biofunctionalization of free-standing porous silicon films for self-assembly of photonic devices, Soft Matter, 8 (2), pp. 360-366 (2011)

16.    A. Andres-Arroyo, P. J. Reece, C. M. Johnson, K. Vora, F. Karouta, and C. Jagadish,  Wavelength selective filter based on polarization control in a photonic bandgap structure with a defect, Optics Express 19, 25643-25650 (2011)

17.    K. Pearce, F. Wang, and P. J. Reece, Dark-field optical tweezers for nanometrology of metallic nanoparticles, Optics Express 19, 25559-25569 (2011)

18.    F. Wang, P. J. Reece, S. Paiman, Q. Gao, H. H. Tan, C. Jagadish, Nonlinear optical processes in optically trapped nanowires, Nano Letters, 11 (10), pp. 4149-4153 (2011)

19.    C. M. Johnson, P. J. Reece, G. Conibeer, Slow-light-enhanced up-conversion for photovoltaics in one-dimensional photonic crystals, Optics Letters, 36, pp. 3990-3992. (2011)

20.    P. J. Reece, W. J. Toe, F. Wang, S. Paiman, Q. Gao, H. H. Tan, C. Jagadish, Characterisation of semiconductor nanowires based on optical tweezers,  Nano Letters, 11 (6), pp 2375–2381 (2011)

21.    A. Pham, H. Qiao, B. Guan, J. J. Gooding, M. Gal, P. J. Reece,  Characterisation of optical bistability in mesoporous silicon microcavities, Journal Applied Physics, 109 (9), Art. No. 093113 (2011)

22.    B. Guan, A. Magenau, K.A. Kilian, S. Ciampi, K. Gaus, P.J. Reece, and J.J. Gooding, Mesoporous silicon photonic crystal microparticles: towards single-cell optical biosensors. Faraday Discussions, 149(0), pp. 301-317 (2011)

23.    B. Guan, S. Ciampi, G. Le Saux, K. Gaus, P.J. Reece, and J.J. Gooding, Different Functionalization of the Internal and External Surfaces in Mesoporous Materials for Biosensing Applications Using "Click" Chemistry. Langmuir, 27(1), pp. 328-334 (2011)

24.    H. Qiao, B. Guan, J.J. Gooding, and P.J. Reece, Protease detection using a porous silicon based Bloch surface wave optical biosensor. Optics Express, 18(14), pp. 15174-15182 (2010)

25.    H. Qiao, B. Guan, T. Bocking, M. Gal, J.J. Gooding, and P.J. Reece, Optical properties of II-VI colloidal quantum dot doped porous silicon microcavities. Applied Physics Letters, 96(16), 161106-3 (2010)

26.    A. Nakaruk, P.J. Reece, D. Ragazzon, and C.C. Sorrell, TiO2 films prepared by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis. Materials Science and Technology, 26(4), p. 469-472 (2010)

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51.    M.A. Green, J.H. Zhao, A.H. Wang, P. J. Reece, M. Gal, Efficient silicon light-emitting diodes, Nature 412 (6849): 805-808, 2001


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