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Gary P. Morriss

BMath N'cle (NSW), PhD Melb.


Department and Research Groups

Theoretical Physics


Gary P. Morriss

Research Interests

Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and dynamical systems, New ideas and techniques from the modern theories of chaotic dynamical systems suggest that a new fundamental conceptual basis for a theory of nonequilibrium steady states is possible. We have proved to conjugate pairing rule for a class of thermostatted nonequilibrium steady states. This together with the Gallavotti-Cohen fluctuation theorem are the two new results of the 90's.

Statistical hydrodynamics, I am interested in the interface between statistical mechanics and hydrodynamics, particularly for convective flows.

Selected Publications

  • Dimensional Contraction in Nonequilibrium Systems. G.P. Morris, Physics Letters, A143, 307-313 (1989).
  • Statistical Mechanics of Nonequilibrium Liquids. D.J. Evans & G.P. Morriss, Academic Press, (1990).
  • The viscosity of a simple fluid from its maximal Lyapunov exponents. D.J. Evans, E.G.D. Cohen & G.P. Morriss, Phys. Rev., A42, 5990 (1990).
  • The nonequilibrium Lorentz gas. J. Lloyd, M. Niemeyer, L. Rondoni & G.P. Morriss, Chaos, 5, 536 (1995).

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