B.F. Schutz, “A First Course in General Relativity”

Reference books

  • C.W. Misner, K.S. Thorne, J. A. Wheeler. “Gravitation”
  • I.R. Kenyon, “General Relativity
  • R. D’Inverno, “Introducing Einstein’s Relativity”
  • A. Einstein, “The Meaning of Relativity” (technical)

Other reading

  • Steven S. Gubser, "The Little Book of String Theory" (popular-level introduction to concepts).
  • Jozsef Illy, "The Practical Einstein. Experiments, Patents, Inventions".
  • A. Einstein, “Relativity.  The Special and the General Theory” (popular)
  • A. Pais, “Subtle is the Lord” (technical/historical/biographical)


Special relativity: spacetime diagrams; co-ordinate transformation rules; vector and tensor analysis; perfect fluids.

Curved manifolds: Christoffel symbols and the metric; Riemannian manifolds and covariant differentiation; parallel transport; geodesics and curvature; Ricci and Einstein tensors.

Gravitational Field Equations: Einstein’s equations; weak fields; gravitational radiation.

Astrophysical Applications: Schwarzschild geometry and black holes; Robertson-Walker metric; Friedmann’s equations and their solutions; observational test of General Relativity.


2 Assignments (worth 7.5% each)

Mid-Session test (worth 15%)

Final exam (worth 70%)






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